Hebron University - The University Comprehensive Model School Celebrates The End of The School Year 2012/2013

The University Comprehensive Model School Celebrates The End of The School Year 2012/2013

Under the patronage of the chairman  of the Board of Trustees Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari the University  Model School celebrated the end of the current school year  in the presence of a number of the Board of Trustees members, the President of the University Prof. Dr. Ahmad Atawneh , a number of the teaching staff and administrative staff and a throng of  the parents and relatives of the students. At the beginning of the celebration, the headmistress Mrs.. Sahar Al-Ja’abari welcomed the audience. In her speech the headmistress praised  the hard efforts of  Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari  to develop the school and the educational process. She emphasized the importance of the role of the school in organizing artistic exhibitions which contribute in honing the character of the students and supporting their talensts.

Dr. Al-Ja’abari began his speech by praising the distinguished role of the school administration  which is represented in the achievements done during the past years. He expressed his pride  in this growing generation  and emphasized that investment in the child is the most valuable investment which can be achieved because  the homeland needs an educated and cultured generation  to lead the march towards victory. At the end of his speech, Dr. Al-Ja’abari  wished that the land is liberated , that Jerusalem regains its freedom and that we live in security and peace like other peoples of the earth.

The celebration included purposeful artistic and heritage presentations  by a group of the school students. At the end of the celebration the chairman of the Board of Trustees opened an exhibition of the works of the students in most of the school subjects which they produced during the school year. He listened to them for a detailed  explanation  about their works.

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