Hebron University - Hebron University Hosts Media Man Nasser Al-Lahham

Hebron University Hosts Media Man Nasser Al-Lahham

The Department of Political Science at Hebron University  hosted the editor of Ma’an  News agency and the director of Al-Mayadeen  Satellite in Palestine media man Dr. Nasser Al-Lahham who gave alecture  entitled”Palestinian Options In Case Negotiations fail”. The Seminar was run by Dr. Imad Al-Bishtawi chairman of the Political Science Department  and it was attended by a number of the faculty and  University students.

Al-Lahham emphasized that  the Palestinian people possess many options  in case the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations fail, the most important of which  is what is legal, political and popular. The Palestinian leadership can go on the legal and political level to international courts and the United Nations to protect its people from the violations done by the Israeli government. On the popular level, the Palestinian  people as we were always accustomed is able to  innovate  the means of struggle  through which it can take its national rights including the right to self-determination and establishing the Palestinian  state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Dr. Al-Lahham  answered the questions of the audience .He expressed his admiration of the academic level of the students and the big  development witnessed by Hebron University recently.

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