Hebron University - Hebron University Holds A Workshop To Put A Plan For Developing Policies And Interventions Which Achieve Equality For Handicapped Students

Hebron University Holds A Workshop To Put A Plan For Developing Policies And Interventions Which Achieve Equality For Handicapped Students


The Department of Students’ Affairs  with the cooperation of Qader Institution for Societal development held a workshop to put a plan to develop policies and interventions which achieve equality for handicapped  students and with the participation of the Committee for Handicapped affairs  and the relevant parties in the University in the presence of Mr. Ziad Abdullah, director of the Catholic relief services in the west bank, Mrs. Lena Bandak director general of Qader Institution, Mrs. Ghaida’ Raheel  official of parners’ relations-Catholic Relief  Servics, Mr. George Mansour executive  director of  Qader Institution, Mr. Shawkat Sarsour manager of Al-Sahel company for Institutional development and Communication  and Mrs. Juanne Jubran a researcher  in Al-Sahel  Company for Institutional development and Communication.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Atawneh President of the University welcomed  the audience and thanked them for their efforts, support and care for the handicapped students. He promised that the University- will implement  recommendations issued by this workshop. Then the aim of the workshop was presented. There were interpositions and notes from the participants  on the primary report  “Suitability of the Policies and Procedures of the University For Integrating  the Handicapped in Higher Education and Reinforcing their Participation  and their Fair arrival”. The workshop then included  several sessions. The first session focused on specifying the issues that most influence  educational results of handicapped students  in the Unievsrity. The second session  focused on specifying  the available internal and external  sources  from the point of view of institutions that take care of the handicapped. The third session focused on specifying possible interventions  for work and which affect the integration process  of handicapped students. The fourth session focused on the main  organizing principles and values which  the University will rely on in integrating the handicapped.

There were a discussion and remarks on many matters  including providing  support equipment for handicapped students, the process of employing them after they graduate, making the University environment suitable for them  and their participation in athletic and cultural activities. At the end of the workshop, it was agreed to put  the final plan, work mechanism and the recommendations to present them to the University administration.


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