Hebron University - USAID Education Director Visits Hebron University

USAID Education Director Visits Hebron University

Ms. Karen Exel, the education director of the USAID office in Jerusalem and her assistant Mr. Bassam Kurt visit the Center for Excellence in Teaching to discuss the activities and the role of the center in enhancing the abilities and skills of the teaching staff. Ms. Exel met professor Radwan Brakat, the vice president for academic affairs and professor Ahmad Atawneh, the center director, who discussed the center activities and the support of the administration for the center. Later, the USAID delegation visited the center and met with  professors from the University discussing the impact of the center on the University teachers. The professors who participated in the training workshops expressed their satisfaction with the training and other activities provided by the center in trying to change the method of teaching from teacher-centered approach to student- centered approach. Ms. Exel talked about the need for more financial support to the center.

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