Hebron University - Hebron University Hosts Professor Louis De Saussure

Hebron University Hosts Professor Louis De Saussure

For two days Hebron University hosted the Applied Linguistics expert, Professor Louis De Saussure from the University of Neuchatel in Switzerland. On the first day, Tuesday 7 February, 2012 a meeting was held between the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, the Chairman and the faculty members of the English Department with Professor De Saussure. Means of mutual cooperation Hebron University and the University of Neuchatel were discussed. The meeting was followed by a presentation by Professor De Saussure where he elaborated on the concepts of Linguistic Relativity and Language Universals. He gave ample vivid examples on Linguistic Relativity such as words used for snow in various languages. He also expounded at some length some linguistic theories such as Structuralism, Naturalism and Generative Grammar. He also talked about language acquisition and the various renowned linguists. At the end of the lecture, Professor De Saussure answered questions from students and teachers.  Another meeting was held between Professor De Saussure and the MA students in the English Department where they discussed research in linguistics.

On the following day, Professor De Saussure held a meeting with the French Language teacher Dr. Ibrahim Al-Mallouki. They discussed the specificity of the French Language in the scope of real time. They also discussed  some fundamental principles of  linguistics in the French language. This meeting  was also attended by the French Minor students both new and old students as well as the French language teachers in Hebron schools.



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