Hebron University - Delegation from USAID Justice Program visits Hebron University

Delegation from USAID Justice Program visits Hebron University

The President of Hebron University, Dr. Samir Abuznaid, met a delegation from the Palestinian Justice Enhancement Program. The delegation was headed by the Program's Chief of Party, Mr. Michael Sheppard. The two sides discussed the legal clinic at Hebron University and the technical support that the Program is in the process to provide to Hebron University. Dr. Abuznaid said that the Hebron district needs to enhance the rule of law, and the Hebron University legal clinic would play a leading role in this area through the providing capacity building to law students, providing pro bono legal advice and services to marginalized groups of the local community, and contributing to raising public awareness on the rule of law and human rights. The President thanked the Program for its support to Hebron University law students and legal clinic.

In his turn, Mr. Sheppard stated that the USAID Program is contributing to promote Palestinian justice sector, by providing technical and infrastructure to the Palestinian Ministry of Justice, High Judicial Council, the Office of the Attorney General and law schools. He added that the Program offers support for a number of Palestinian law schools, including Hebron University. This support includes establishing of legal clinics, computer labs, specialized legal libraries, and model classrooms, as well as organizing moot court competitions at the local, regional and international law levels.

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