Hebron University - Hebron University Honors Volunteers From the City University of New York

Hebron University Honors Volunteers From the City University of New York

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Hebron University Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abary  honored the University  volunteers: the American professor Clint Gous and professor Vera Shanov. Hebron University had hosted them for six weeks. This hosting is in the context of the cooperation strategy with international universities for exchanging experience and knowledge.

It is worth mentioning that Professor Clint is a specialist in Computer Science and has an experience of more than thirty years in the domain of providing consultancies in developing programatics. Professor Vera is a specialist in the field of Marketing and she has extensive experience in this domain.

At the beginning of the volunteers’ visit, the Computer Science Department with the participation of the Faculty of Finance and Administration held introductory  lectures about the University, the Computer Science Department, the Computer Center in addition to presenting the electronic services used at the University. The volunteers showed their admiration of the technological level at the University.

Then the Faculty of Finance and Administration and the Computer Science Department organized specialized lectures and workshops in several domains(Computer Science and Marketing) .Professor Clint and professor Vera gave these lectures and workshops to administrative and teaching staff in the Faculty of Finance and  Administration, the Computer Science  Department  , the e-learning  Unit in addition to MA and BA students at Hebron University.

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