Hebron University - Hebron University Honors Three Ambassadors

Hebron University Honors Three Ambassadors

Dr. Nabil Jabari, The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, honors a delegation of three ambassadors to the Palestinian National Authority: the Argentine Ambassador Mr. Horatheow Wamba, The Brazilian Ambassador Mr. Ricardo Hoseh Layyal and the Egyptian Ambassador Mr. Yasser Othman. Upon arrival, the delegation were received by Dr. Jabari, Hebron governor Mr. Kamil Hamid, Dr. Awni Al-Khatib President of the University and his vice presidents, in addition to a number of deans, faculty and staff.          

Dr. Jabari welcomed the guests while Dr. Khatib briefed them about the University since its establishment and the stages it went through until the present. Dr. Jabari also expressed his gratitude to the Argentine and Brazilian Ambassadors whose countries recognized the State of Palestine and rendered the appreciation of the Palestinian people in response to this positive step. The Chairman also called the International Community to follow suit because the Palestinian people are entitled to live freely and with dignity, he added.

 Dr. Jabari also expressed his gratitude to the Egyptian Ambassador for his country’s ongoing support to the Palestinian cause and people. He also praised the significant role of Egypt in adopting the national reconciliation and stressed the importance of national unity. The Palestinians did not fight for a certain party or movement, but for Palestine, Dr. Jabari elaborated. 

At the end of the meeting plaques were presented by Dr. Jabari to the Ambassadors thanking them for their country’s stand towards the Palestinian people. The delegation afterwards visited the University's facilities and expressed their admiration for the achievements made at the University.   



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