The Director of the Office of Canadian Opposition Visits HU

Jeremy Wyser, the director of the office of Canadian opposition visited HU and met Dr. Nabeel Al-Jabari, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Dr. Nabeel Al-Jabari talked about the stages of development as well as the future plans at HU. He also emphasized the importance of making contact and follow-up by Donor Countries whose efforts should not be confined to funding only in an attempt to create mutual investments that represent protection for Palestinians.

Affirming the real and efficient role of HU in the Palestinian society and in training cadres capable of leadership, Dr. Nabeel Al-Jabari stressed the importance of any academic mutual contact between Canadian and Palestinian universities so as to enable students obtain and learn about other cultures.

Clarifying the efficient vital role of HU in teaching female students in the Palestinian society,  Dr. Al-Jabari stated that HU attempts at encouraging a certain kind of life for the students who suffered greatly because of the Israeli occupation. He added that he is very proud since HU  contributes in building an educated, literate generation in the Palestinian society.

On the other hand, Mr. Wyser flattered the role of HU in creating an educated, literate generation in the Palestinian society.