Publishing a Peer-reviewed Paper on Reforming Legal Education in Palestine Through Clinical Pedagogy

The Dean of Hebron University College of Law and Political Science, Dr. Mutaz Qafisheh, published a peer-reviewed paper entitled “Reforming Legal Education through Clinical Pedagogy: Legal Education in Palestine", in Vol. 4 of "Asian Journal of Legal Education" (SAGE Publishing, New York, 14 June 2017, 24 pages).
This paper discusses the needed reform for Palestinian legal education with view to make it able to meet the needs of the market in a globalized and highly competitive world. The paper introduces the modern legal education scene in Palestine, by sharing the experience in setting up and running the clinical programs of Hebron University. It pursues a comparative approach by reviewing models of successful clinical programs in various countries and by shedding light on the existing clinics at Hebron. It warns, however, that despite achievements, the future of clinical pedagogy in the country remains uncertain. It may take years for clinics to build a solid base within the legal education system. Law schools have yet to develop a clear place for clinics within the curricula. The writer argues that the capacity of clinics to advance legal education, complement the apprenticeship stage, strengthen the legal profession and become a legal aid provider is unbounded. Building a coherent clinical system that is parallel to the systems of professional raining, law practice and legal aid will require other reforms.
The full paper is available on this link: