Hebron University - Our mission and objectives

Our Mission:

The School of Finance and Management aims to contribute positively to the development of the Palestinian economy by providing our students with the theoretical and practical knowledge they need in order to keep up with the economic and managerial developments in order to give them the edge they need in a competitive market.  We promote creativity, integrity, diversity, transparency, discipline, and leadership through excellence, justice, response, and team work.

Our Objectives

  • To prepare qualified graduates with the necessary knowledge and ethics in administrative fields, economic and accounting,
  • To provide our students with quality training and strengthening their practical experience,
  • To fulfill the community's needs by establishing strong ties with the beneficiaries of the research and consulting services provided by the College,
  • To provide training and consulting services to meet the requirements of economic sectors through modern applications,
  • To enhance the quality of learning and teaching and scientific research and promoting electronic communication.
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