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Course Description

61111    Principles of Management 1
This course includes the study of the evolution of management thoughts through the study of the various management tools, the functions of the management process i.e.: planning , organizing , directing and control, it also includes the study of the various functional departments in the organization such as , production, marketing , finance, human resource management . . . etc.

61302    Organizational Behavior
This course focuses on introducing Behavioral Science concepts as applied to business and industry. Focus will be on examining factors influencing the Behavior
of organizational members. The following dimensions will be covered: The individual dimension ( perception and personality). The group dimension which includes (formal and informal groups). The organizational dimension (organizational structure, technology, and leadership), and the environmental dimension.

61401    Quantitative methods in Management
The course covers the definition of OR, its historical development, the importance and areas of application , the decision theory , the decision matrix , the decision tree , linear programming ( LP ) , graphical methods , simplex method ,sensitivity theory , special cases in LP , transportation method , assignment method , network models , critical path method ( CPM ) program evaluation, and review technical ( PERT ).

61205    Purchasing and Logistics Management
The course presents the following topics: introduction to purchasing and Inventory Management, organizing purchasing and Storage Functions, the relationship between Purchasing Department and other departments in the organization, purchasing and storage procedures, purchasing by the right quality, purchasing by the right quantity, purchasing by the right price, purchasing at the right time , purchasing from the right resource, purchasing of capital equipment's, stores and storage , inventory control .

61202    Business Communication
The course includes the following subjects: communication concepts, grammar review, machines of writing, fundamentals of business writing, development of
messages and nonverbal and oral communication.

61307    Office Management & Automation
The course covers the following : the concept of office management, the nature of office management , importance of office organizing , office layout, physical office environment , written communication in the office , office automation, office forms , office secretarial works in contemporary office .

61204    Human Resources Management
This course focuses on presenting and discussing the various principles and concepts of Human Resources Management. It stresses the policies, programs and methods that have been developed and implemented successfully in the field; furthermore It includes the discussion of the various functional activities of Human Resource Management such as planning, recruitment, selection, job analysis , performance appraisal, training and development, compensation, career planning and promotion, safety and health, and labor relations.

61311    International Business Management
The course includes: the recognition of the business environment of the multinational firms , the international trade concepts, and the management of the various functional activities of the multinational firm.

61402    Strategic Management 1
This course focuses on how to deal with the organization in a comprehensive manner in order to develop its strategies. This includes the recognition and analysis of the external and internal environment, its resources and capabilities, and its long term strategy. It also includes, comprehensive case analysis to train the student on strategic analysis and strategic decision making .

61303    Small Business Management
The course includes the followings : definition of small-business enterprise, its nature and importance, its characteristics, the different approaches to study it, the services offered to support it, the government policy towards it setting a plan of action and its routines, business incubators, its advantages and disadvantages, family small-business enterprise and strategic planning to small-business enterprises.

61304    Production and Operations Management
This course contains the following subjects: Production and operations management, operations analysis and decision making, forecasting, strategies and plans for operations, capacity planning for manufacturing and service companies, facility location planning, layout planning, production and process design, just-in-time system, and job design, production operations standards, and work measurements.

61312    Tourism and Hotel Management 

This course includes many subject such as organizing hotel services, food and beverages management, procurement, hotel and restaurant management, reservations and receptions, food and shelter , functional activities of management of hotels & motels ,in additions, to the various factors that affect the demand on these services at the micro and macro levels such as entertainment, and historical sites in any particular country.

61309    Management Information Systems
The course focuses on introducing the principles of management information systems (MIS) by focusing on information theory and applications used in business organizations. Emphasis will be on the role of computer systems (information technology) in facilitating end-user computing, decision support, operational support, and strategic advantage. System analysis and design, implementation, and management will be also covered.

61112   Principles of Management 2

Introduction to Management provides students with a broad introduction to the major functional areas of management. The course begins with some business history, examining the emergence of big business and understanding how to think about firms, technology, work organization and context. The course examines further topics, including strategic management, marketing, organizational behavior, technology and operations management, finance and accounting.

61106   Business Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics and Statistics for Economics and Management equips students with the basic quantitative skills for the course. It covers multivariate calculus; maximization and differentiation; linear algebra; descriptive statistics; statistical inference; correlation and regression; analysis of variance; and probability theory. (Please note that this last component of the first year course is currently being reviewed.


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