Hebron University - Political Science Department


Our Mission

Political Science is a collection of human knowledge aimed at understanding the essence of the political phenomenon and its changes. Therefore, the mission of the Department of Political Science at the University is to give the student the opportunity to learn the most important issues and methodological problems and currents in the field of contemporary political science. For political science (governments, political systems, political theory, political thought, international relations, etc.).

 The real contribution of the Political Science Department is to develop scientific political awareness in the Palestinian society, to apply the principles of democracy, positive interaction skills, and critical and creative thinking by deepening the consideration of local and global problems and contributing to their analysis and the search for solutions

Our vision

The Department of Political Science aspires to excellence in all areas, both in terms of the quality of teachers and students, plans and programs, and is also working on the development of the Master's program in political science so that the programs of bachelor's and master's and the Center for Strategic Studies constitute a true core of the Faculty of Political Science at the University in the near future.

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