Hebron University - Political Science Department


Our vision:


Political science is the systematic study of politics, including the processes, institutions, and values that govern societies, the material distribution of wealth and resources, the interactions between and among states. Politics is an essential part of any human society, the study of politics is an important component of any liberal arts education.

The Department of Political Science at Hebron University educates students to develop political knowledge and skills that will prepare them for further study in graduate or professional education or that will prepare them to enter the world of domestic or international public service or business. To achieve that the department provides students with solid understanding of the nature and structure of politics in the areas of Political Theory , Comparative Politics , governments and public administration , international relations.

 At the domestic level, the department aiming to enhance and develop the public’s political awareness in the Palestinian society and enhancing democratic principles and positive social interaction throw workshops , media , conferences and researches , in addition to that the department aims to have a positive impact on the decision makers in the Palestinian political system.

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