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Accepted Papers Volume 19 Issue 1


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Academic Boredom and its Relationship to Self-Efficacy among Students of Hebron University and Palestine Polytechnic University in Hebron Governorate

Leejan Arafa, Nabil Jondi


Attitudes of School Principals towards Digital Management in Light of the Corona Pandemic in the Kasbah of Irbid District

Rania Rofail Raja AlBedaywi


The Perception of Leadership Styles among Palestinian Directors of Early Childhood Education Centers

Karin Hognestad, Marit Boe, Sami Adwan, Somaya Sayma


Arbitration as an Alternative Means of Dispute Resolution to Accommodate Smart Systems: "Artificial Intelligence as a Model"

Mandar Souad


Code-Switching and Diasporic Identity: Abed Ismael's Translation of Fadia Faqir's My Name Is Salma

Bilal Hamamra, Ahmad Qabaha, Salsabeel Qararia,


Conciliation in Real Estate Preservation As an Alternative Mechanism for Settling Disputes

Mourad Aamer, Mohammad Salhi


Effectiveness of a Counseling Program Based on Realistic Therapy in Reducing the Social Networking Site Addiction and

Enhancing Social Self-efficacy Among Male Adolescents

Naela, A. Alguzo, Mohammed, A. Shtayat


Personal Autonomy and Its Relationship to University Selection and Specialization among University Students

Rashid M. Arar, Hesham A. Shanaa


The Level of Knowledge of Iraq Mathematics Male and Female Teachers About TIMSS Test

Ibrahim A. Al-Shara, Hudhaifa J. Al-Sammarraie


The Degree of Moral Leadership Practice Among Primary School Principals in Ar'arat an-Naqab Region from Teachers' Point of View

Naser Abu Arar


The relationship of participatory leadership and job satisfaction in Palestinian universities from the point of view of its employees

(A case study of the Arab American University)

Thana' Daraghmah


Civil Compensation for Cyber Crimes of Slander and Denigration

Rasha Abu Shkhidem

Osayed Awawdeh,


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