Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 17, Issue 2, 2022 - Distance Learning Difficulties Experienced by School Principals of Irbid Governorate during Corona Pandemic from their Points of View


This study aimed at finding out the difficulties that encounter school principals in Irbid governorate schools during the period of distance learning amid the Corona pandemic from their points of view using three variables: gender of the principal, the school level, and the authority of the school. A descriptive approach, and a questionnaire were used. The questionnaire consisted of (42) paragraphs divided into five themes which are difficulties related to (i) the education platform, (ii) the official letters, (iii) the students, (iv) the teachers, and (v) the administrative difficulties. The study sample consisted of (200) principals of public and private schools in Irbid governorate. The results showed a medium degree of difficulties (i.e., mean value 3.3) for all areas of questionnaire except the difficulties related to the platform which were strong. The difficulties related to the field of "official letters" came in the second level followed by the difficulties related to "students" followed by the difficulties related to "the teacher" and, finally, those related to "the administration". The study indicated that there were statistically significant differences at the significance level (α≥0.05) depending on the gender variable in favour of females; the school level in favour of the lower basic stage, and the school authority in favour of private schools. The author concluded with a set of recommendations.

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