Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 17, Issue 2, 2022 - Predictive Ability of Kindergarten Teachers' Relationships with Children of Insecure Attachment to Curiosity and Interaction with Peers According to their Levels of Verbal Ability in the City of Amman


The present study aimed to identify the predictive ability of kindergarten teachers' relationships with children of insecure attachment to curiosity and interaction with peers according to their levels of verbal ability in the city of Amman in Al-Jami’ah district. The sample of the study consisted of (110) children (71 male children and 39 female children). To achieve the objectives of the study, the scale of Attachment pattern was used in addition to the measures of the teacher-child relationships, interaction with peers, curiosity and verbal ability. The findings showed that the level of the positive relationships between the kindergarten teacher and the children of the insecure attachment style, the level of children’s curiosity, and the level of their verbal ability were all moderate, with an average of (2.60), (0.63) and (% 51.8), respectively. Besides, children had a high level of interaction with their peers with an average of (3.03). The findings also showed that the kindergarten teacher's relationship with the children of the insecure attachment pattern explained (19.6%) of their curiosity, and (17.8%) of their interactions with peers. Results also revealed that there were no statistically significant differences in the relationship between the teacher's relationship with children, and their curiosity from one hand, and their interaction with peers on the other hand according to the variables of verbal ability and gender.

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