Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 17, Issue 2, 2022 - The Effect of Using DRTA Strategy on Developing Reading Comprehension Skills for Seventh Graders in Gaza Governorates


This research aimed to investigate the effect of employing the DRTA as a strategy to develop the reading comprehension skills among seventh-graders in Gaza governorates. The quasi-experimental approach was used on a sample of (80) female students divided into two equivalent groups. The experimental group included (44) female students, while the control one included (36) female students. The tools of data collection were a checklist of reading comprehension skills and a reading comprehension test. To analyze the collected data, a t-test was conducted. Furthermore, to examine the effectiveness of the DRTA strategy in developing reading comprehension skills, the effect size was measured. The results indicated that there were statistically significant differences at (a0.05 ≥ ( in the mean scores of the reading comprehension skills in favor of the experimental group. In light of these results, the researcher recommended that English teachers use the DRTA strategy to develop reading comprehension skills for students.

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