Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 16, Issue 2, 2021 - Causes of expansion of second modifiers in the Arabic sentence structure


This study aims at identifying the various causes of expansion of second constituents of the Arabic sentence structure in both Arabic poetry and prose through analyzing the relationship between these modifiers and the first that are used before them at a sentence level in order to find out the sound structures and their meanings. It also aims to identify the effect of expansion on the construction of the syntactic theory. Expansion is basically centered on structure enlargement and flexibility in terms of building it despite the fact that it is against the norms and principles that have been used in Arabic.

According to Arab Grammarians, the Arabic sentence structure is made of certain classified constituents including: firsts and seconds; the second modifiers can contradict the first ones to which they are related. There is a plethora of instances of such a phenomenon in Arabic Grammar; the researcher tries to collect as many instances as possible in order to identify grammarians’ perspectives towards the real cause of contradiction. The study findings show that this grammatical phenomenon is pervasive in Arabic and that it has a significant impact on language rules and Arabic complexity; it also shows that there has been no consensus among Arab grammarians regarding this expansion that has been found excessively in following constituents as well as other constituents, to some extent.

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