Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 16, Issue 2, 2021 - Teaching Arabic grammar in the Moroccan textbook: Problems and solutions


Many national and international reports revealed that the successive Moroccan educational reforms failed to achieve their target goals. One key aspect of this failure manifests in the Arabic grammar teaching in the Moroccan textbook which negatively impacts the student’s performance in Arabic. This study aims to investigate problems in teaching Arabic grammar in the Moroccan textbook. It uses content analysis as a descriptive approach to investigate the methodology used in teaching Arabic grammar and to monitor the inconsistencies it incorporates. Besides, this study conducts a field survey by interrogating a group of experienced Arabic teachers to uncover the difficulties they occasionally come across while teaching grammar and generate their proposals to overcome these challenges. The study reveals a set of difficulties and problems in teaching Arabic grammar using the assigned textbook, which the researcher initially detects during the analysis process, and later finds harmonious with the sample interviewees’ feedback. Some problems are due to the nature of grammar itself, while others are due to the methodology used by teachers. The study concludes with a set of practical recommendations and illustrative examples to contribute to overcoming the observed constraints.

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