Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 15, Issue 2, 2020 - A Stylistic Analysis of Francis Ford Coppola’s trilogy Movie the Godfather



Crime movies, according to the IMDbwebsite, are the most popular film's genre in Hollywood. However, gang movies are part of crime films that reflect Mafia groups and their struggle for richness and power. This type of film usually includes a lot of weapons, Mafia families, and violent scenes. The present study aims at presenting the stylistic characteristics as reflected in Francis Ford Coppola’s Trilogy Movie The Godfather. The goal of the present studies is to guide the reader in examining the linguistic organization of a literary text in order to achieve understanding. By doing so, it provides the reader of literary text's various benefits, among which is improving the traditional way of thinking about the language. In addition, it reveals the function of certain aspects in a text and helps in understanding the role of these functions in supporting the text in achieving what it does. The research question is an attempt to know whether the use of stylistic analysis approach gives the audience better understanding of The Godfather movie or not. The findings indicate that the application of the theory of stylistic analysis to the movie version of The Godfather determined its ability in supporting people's comprehending and grasping of literary works thoroughly. Thus, researches were recommended, such as studies on the writing style of other novels; as well as studies on other movies using stylistic analysis. Up to the researcher’s knowledge, there were no previous studies on the stylistic analysis of Francis Ford Coppola’s trilogy Movie The Godfather.

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