Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 15, Issue 2, 2020 - Cross-training in Hebron municipality: study on departments, sections and minis tardive division



This study aimed at investigating the reality of cross-training in Hebron Municipality, and the challenges that face its implementation. It also aims at providing appropriate proposals to develop this type of training and apply it to the employees of administration, departments, and sections at the municipality. The researchers used a descriptive exploratory approach, and a qualitative methodology to collect the data through structured and unstructured interviews on a purposive sample that included managers and heads of units. The population of the study included all of the (70) managers and heads of units in Hebron Municipality. A first purposive sample of (5) of them was taken, then a second purposive sample of (17) from the managers and head of department. The sample included those who implement "cross-training" even partially and informally to overcome operational difficulties that face them at work. After that, the interviews were analyzed. The study concluded with several outcomes, most notably, was that there is a partial application of cross-training in some administrations, departments, and sections without having any knowledge about it. This application is unofficial, and it is with individual initiatives by some managers of departments, and heads of sections, with the aim of facing operational difficulties facing them because of the absence of some of their employees from their work, or even facing the pressure of work with them. In light of these findings, the researchers recommended adopting the concept of "cross training" by the municipal administration, formally and within a systematic plan. They also need to limit jobs that are performed individually, or by a limited number of employees, so that the absence of one of them negatively affects the performance of work in their department. Moreover, they need to apply the concept of job rotation in the relevant departments to develop employees’ capabilities, provide them with expertise and skills of various jobs in the municipality, and create an official department concerned with implementing "cross-training" within a systematic plan that includes all municipal employees.

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