Hebron University - Hebron University Research Journal (HURJ): B- (Humanities)

Hebron University Research Journal (HURJ): B- (Humanities)

Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 14, Issue 1, 2019

Turkish National Police Academy: The organizational Structure and It’s Role in Training System of Turkish National Police


Year: 2019

The effect of writing reflective observations during virtual learning situations in self-efficacy teaching and attitudes toward specialization


Degree of evaluation of students of practical education (2) at Al-Quds Open University according to the performance evaluation criteria


Year: 2019

The Role of teachers of university requirements in enhancing the Self-censorship of the students of the Islamic University


Year: 2019

The challenges facing the modernization of the new Palestinian curriculum in the light of the Israeli incitement from the point of view of educational supervisors and ways to overcome them


Year: 2019

Predictability power for personality traits and forms of communication among spouses in family adjustment


A qualitative study on utilizing multimedia by prevocational education teachers


Year: 2019

Deleting the conjunction and keeping the conjunctive and the conjoined in in Arabic Grammar


Year: 2019

Eighth grade textbook reading comprehension questions and Barrett's Taxonomy: Teachers' perspectives at Hebron District, Palestine


Year: 2019
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