Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 13, Issue 1, 2018 - The Role of Rawafed Electronic Educational Site in Developing Teaching Performance Among Teachers of the Basic Stage in Gaza Strip


This study aims to recognize the role of  Rawafed  electronic  educational Site in developing teaching performance among teachers of the basic stage in Gaza Strip. The researchers use the descriptive approach. The researchers  use  a sample of  64 male and female teachers  of  basic stage at middle directorate schools, belonged to the Ministry  of  Education at Gaza Strip.  In addition, 10 specialists and supervisors in e-Learning were included as a representative sample.The used study tools were a questionnaire intended for teachers as well as an interview with the department heads of the e-Learning and specialists involved in "Rawafed site" at education directorates in Gaza strip.  The findings of the study have revealed that "Rawafed site" had an important role in developing the teaching performance by providing various educational materials, electronic test models and work sheets.The study findings have also revealed that the average use of Rawafed Electronic Educational site by basic stage teachers was moderate. The results also revealed a statistical significant difference in the average use of "Rawafed site" by basic  stage teachers due to gender variable of females as well as another statistical significant difference in the average use of "Rawafed site" by basic stage teachers due to the years of  experience ,ten years and more.

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