Hebron University - Public Relations (PR) & Liaison Offices

Administrative Units

The purpose of the Public Relations and Liaison Offices is to advance the university’s mission, brand and messages to core constituents i.e. prospective students, their families, donors, trustees, alumni, organizations, friends, the media and casual visitors. These offices are the key venues for providing information about Hebron University.

In addition, PR works to build and nurture strong relations with the business community, academics, alumni, media, etc.

What We Do:

  • Manage and organize university and public events
  • Host international and local conferences and conventions
  • Host open-house events for high school and other university students
  • Provide support for the colleges at Hebron University to share their news and events
  • Market HU programmes and educational philosophy


Keeping You Informed:

  • We create and provide informational publications about the university and its colleges,
  • We publicize Hebron University’s accomplishments and resources to a wide array of internal and external audiences through our social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter), our web site and the Hebron University newsletter


Hebron University Newsletter:

The Hebron University newspaper serves as the "voice" for the university community and the public. Its goals are to promote and inform about current events and issues and by celebrating the people and programs of the university. It is published quarterly during the academic year and posts regular news updates on its website.


Important Contacts:

Main Campus:


 +970/+972 2 2220840 OR  2 2220995 ext. 138

HU Ramallah Office:           


+970/+972 2 2420045

Amman, Jordan Office:                  

+962 6 5517679

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