Hebron University - Our mission and objectives

Our Mission 

We are dedicated to creating a generation of jurists able to contribute to the building of state institutions, strengthening the rule of law, protect human rights, and represent Palestine based on high professional standards at the regional and global levels.

Our Objectives 

  • To provide the three state powers, the Legislator, the Executive, the Judiciary, with experts competent to practice legal professions, to work as judges, lawyers, legislative drafters, prosecutors, court personnel, and legal advisors,
  • To create a cadre of specialists capable to interact with the international community by focusing on the study of international law and teaching a number of courses in English,
  • To partner with civil society organizations and provide pro-bono legal advices for the poor and marginalized groups through the Legal Clinic,
  • To promote scientific research on Palestinian and comparative law,
  • To initiate an MA in law (LLM).
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