Hebron University - Ph.D. in Psychology

College of Graduate Studies

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Upon completion of the Ph.D. program in Psychology, the graduates will be able to:

  •  conduct scientific research on the subject of psychology, consult pertinent sources and references, and abide by the guidelines of academic research writing and documentation.
  • utilize their extensive and in-depth understanding of psychology to successfully complete all duties given to them in their future roles as psychologists.
  • identify the applied scientific foundations and principles required in psychological work, so that the practices and procedures used during field work are based on modern psychology theories.
  • identify the most significant contemporary psychological difficulties and problems that affect the Palestinian society and other societies, and to take action to address these issues and problems on the scientific bases.
  • to efficiently conduct psychological fieldwork and training in community mental health clinics.
  • manage psychological institutions in accordance with the most recent global trends and standards, and expand these institutions in line with regional and global developments.
  • adhere to the professional ethics of psychological work in accordance with the standards of the ethical charter for the profession on a local and global level.
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