Hebron University - Ph.D. in Psychology

College of Graduate Studies


  • To generate an accurate understanding of the multiple intellectual paradigms in contemporary psychological research.
  • To enable graduates to develop their expertise within a certain framework.
  • To equip graduates with the skills necessary to create an integrated system in the field of psychology that benefits the general public and individuals in particular.
  • To assist program participants in developing their professional skills and competencies so they may effectively communicate the results of their research and take part in international conferences in their field of study.
  • To educate and credential psychologists who have the expertise, skills, and competencies to offer psychological and counseling services which comply with the needs of Palestinian society.
  • To improve and expand the psychology PhD program, while ensuring the quality of its learning outcomes, to provide specialists in psychology and its various branches to colleges of education in Palestinian and Arab universities.
  • To engage in active, positive cooperation and interaction with relevant ministries, institutions, and organizations concerned with psychology and its branches in order to create a shared vision and philosophy for delivering psychological knowledge and services at the highest level.
  • To instill the concepts of social engagement and responsibility by offering various types of psychological services to the members of the Palestinian community who need them, especially during times of crisis.
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