Hebron University - Ph.D. Program in Jurisprudence & its Foundations

College of Graduate Studies

Mission,vision and objectives


Providing the Palestinian community with specialized cadres who have broad, high and comprehensive scientific capabilities, theoretically and practically, which they use to serve their religion, society, country and nation through a stimulating learning environment based on scientific field of specialization.


Contribution to achieve leadership and excellence in the field of Islamic jurisprudence and its foundations, and to qualify graduates capable of absorbing the moderate approach and the purposes of legislation in moderation and facilitation, as well as finding legislative solutions to the developments and realities of society.


The program pursues a range of objectives, including:

  • To increase the cognitive outcome of those enrolled in the program in the field of Islamic jurisprudence and its foundations: worship, and financial transaction, personal status and others.
  • To develop the jurisprudence ability and the legislative capacity for diligence and jurisprudential thinking.
  • To develop the moderate approach based on the facilitation in legislation and the religious verdict ( fatwa).
  • To promote the dissemination of the values, provisions and legislation of Islam and strengthen the commitment of society and individuals to them.
  • To graduate students who have the ability to think soundly according to a legitimate scientific methodology, through which they can derive legal rulings, and have the ability to debate, dialogue and persuasion.
  • To graduate groups of distinguished students in jurisprudence and Fundamentals of Islam to serve their religion, society and nation based on the eminence of Islam and the authenticity of its legislative heritage and the depth of its jurisprudence and awareness of contemporary reality and its problems and challenges.
  • To connect religion to reality, taking it out of the theoretical circle to the oasis of application.
  • To promote the scientific research and preparing specialized, accurate, and systematic scientific research to serve students, society and its institutions
  • To strengthen the belonging to the Islamic nation, its religion, civilization, history and heritage.
  • To instill the concept of good citizenship within the framework of Islamic values and ethics, and enhancing belonging to the community and the nation.
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