Hebron University - Sustainable Agribusiness

College of Graduate Studies

Program Objectives

The program aims to:

  • Prepare and meet the needs of the Palestinian market for qualified agricultural business professionals, and provide them with the skills and high-quality options required to engage making businesses, in the fields of agriculture and post-harvest transactions such as managing and marketing agricultural projects and sustainable agricultural industries, managing and organizing agricultural operations and working on exporting or manufacturing and preserving abundant production. 
  • Developing the scientific competencies required in the field of agriculture to establish and support profitable agricultural industries in light of global competitiveness.
  • Graduating competencies capable of analyzing the conditions of agricultural industries, formulating strategies, implementing plans and managing strategic change, with extensive knowledge of the foundations and components of agricultural business, and able to find solutions and keep pace with the development of agricultural businesses and projects.
  • Graduates who are able to join doctoral programs and conduct advanced specialized research.
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