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About the program

Proceeding from the vision of Hebron University regarding the importance of opening new academic programs, and in line with the aspirations of the Political Science Department to form a focus for renewal and development in a manner befitting the University and the efforts of those in charge of it to upgrade it, and based on a firm realization of the Palestinian society’s need for specialized cadres in the field of political science, the Department of Political Science at Hebron University opened a dual master's program with the University of Siena in the field of public and cultural diplomacy.

The need to open a master’s program in this field has recently doubled when the Palestinian labor market was flooded with sub-specializations in the fields of humanities in general and the field of political science in particular. This made the graduates of these disciplines restricted to a narrow procedural framework represented in the study of political science, through a certain experience or a single study case, most of the time, linked to the Palestinian issue without studying in depth and at length the abstract scientific and cognitive ground that is intertwined with other human specializations, which may qualify the students to study other experiences and cases around the world and in a way that enables political science students to benefit from global experiences or the activities in wider ranges of the Palestinian circle.

In addition, the importance of the program is reflected in the fact that it provides a solid and abstract knowledge base in an important field of political science and overlaps with other human disciplines such as sociology, media, anthropology and cultural studies, without neglecting the importance of enriching each course with procedural interventions in the form of examples and case studies. This makes the program consistent with the contemporary approach in studying humanities, an approach that stems from the intersection of disciplines of the humanities and constitutes a revolution against the approach of strict specialization that has prevailed for decades in many countries.


The main target groups of the program:

  • Political science graduates who wish to complete their studies in the field of diplomacy.
  • Graduates of other disciplines, particularly the humanities, who are interested in studying political science and its fields.
  • Employees of government institutions at all levels and party activists.
  • Employees of civil, non-governmental, international and research institutions.
  • Media professionals, writers and political analysts who wish to specialize in this field.
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