Hebron University - Public Diplomacy and Cultural Diplomacy

College of Graduate Studies

Admission requirements

  • The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree in the field of political science from any recognized university, and he must have attended his studies with no less than 75% of the number of working hours required for graduation. Or he must have obtained a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university with the priority for graduates of political science and humanities, provided that he completes the remedial courses specified by the department.
  • The student's grade should not be less than (good) or equivalent.
  • Students who are not regularly enrolled in the study may be accepted, provided that their average in the bachelor’s degree is not less than 85%.
  • The student must pass the personal interview at the department or program committee, which specifies a number of qualities that are necessary for him to work in this field.
  • 25% of the marks are allocated for the personal interview and written examination, and 75% for the student’s average in the bachelor’s degree, to differentiate between applicants.
  • The student must pass the admission test, both written and oral (personal interview) and compete with applicants to obtain the highest rates within the number that the department intends to accept in that year according to the need, taking into account all appropriate circumstances.
  • The student must submit at least two scientific recommendations for acceptance.
  • The student must provide evidence of his ability to study in the English language.
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