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About the program

This new, innovative program, a first in Palestine, addresses an unmet need. It will provide the country with expert health managers and health economists. Health economists address global issues such as migration and displacement, climate change, pandemics and vaccine access, disorders, obesity, and more. They apply economic theories to inform both the public and private sectors on cost-effective solutions to improve equity in health care.

This MSc. program will qualify specialized competent professionals who will work to meet the needs of the Palestinian community.  Health economics examines and finds systems-based solutions to make health care more equitable, accessible, and affordable for all. Health economists seek to understand the role that stakeholders (i.e.  health care providers, patients, insurance companies, government agencies, public organizations) play in health care spending.  

Health economics is important because it focuses on how the economic behavior of stakeholders and recipients affects the quality and cost of medical care. It examines how people pay for care, how those payments are processed, and how health systems around the world can be restructured and improved. Tackling systemic issues at the root cause can alleviate the same problems from arising again.

We are also committed to initiating partnerships and collaborations with colleagues nationally and globally to ensure academic advancement and to nurture research. projects. 

This MSc program will provide the graduates with the skills and knowledge in health economics and financing, management skills, research skills, analytical and statistical skills, and experience in various topics of the health system that are essential for the development of the healthcare industry in Palestine. The program will also prepare the graduates for higher education in Ph.D. programs in the fields of health management, health economics, health financing, health policy, working in academia, working as research scientists, and leadership roles in governmental or non-governmental organizations and other health-care institutions.

Very few Palestinians have the qualifications and expertise in this unique specialty. Research centers and academia need such specialized graduates to enrich their health programs.  They will be the managers and educators as well as the future leaders and strategic planners for the health care system in Palestine.

This program is open to all qualified healthcare professionals and administrative staff in the health care sector in Palestine, including governmental, private and insurance sectors, as well as other academic institutions and universities. This will promote and develop the academic exchange and research experiences and promote scientific research.

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