Hebron University - Health Economics and Management

College of Graduate Studies

Key features of the program

  • This M.Sc. degree utilizes a wide range of expertise available in the College of Nursing & Midwifery and draws upon close collaboration achieved with other colleges in the university, including health sciences, medicine, and pharmacy & Medical Laboratory. As well as, drawing on the expertise of our colleagues in the business and finance departments of the College of Finance and Management.
  • It is innovative, adopting a holistic interdisciplinary study of subjects from these various departments/ college   that have until now been taught as mutually exclusive areas of study rather than integrated components of a whole.
  • Optional courses allow student to develop specialist interests and enhance their employment opportunities in specific areas. Practical skills, internship training and field visits provide practical experience in the study of health economics and management. The master thesis provides the students with a unique experience of designing and undertaking research in health economics, evaluation, quality, policy, and management control areas.
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