Hebron University - Health Economics and Management

College of Graduate Studies

Mission and Objectives of the program

The mission of this program is to provide the Palestinian society with experts in health economics and management, which is in harmony with the vision and mission of Hebron University. 

Specific objectives include:

  1. Providing the Palestinian health market and community with graduates with a high degree of skills and competence in the field of health management and economics sciences and scientific research skills.
  2. Improve the level of internal and external competencies of the nursing and health education system. 
  3. Match the outputs of health sciences and nursing education with the needs of the market and national health needs and strategy.
  4. Improve educational programs and scientific research.
  5. The College is strongly committed in teaching and preparing graduates for   complex and rapidly changing health care systems, markets and technology environment.
  6. The University and the College provide an innovative, comprehensive and performance-based learning environment, built on core competencies, equipped with technology.
  7. Faculty, students and graduates contribute to improving health and health care through activities, services, and scholarships.
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