Hebron University - Health Economics and Management

College of Graduate Studies

Job opportunities, graduates’ competencies, and Career Development:

Graduates will be competent in several aspects of the health care management and economics field demonstrating competencies in health management decision making and critical thinking, a high level of analytical abilities, economic and financial evaluation and analysis, problem solving and negotiation skills, strategic and operational planning abilities, and communication and liaising capabilities. This will open for them new job opportunities within national and international organizations working in the health sector inside and outside of Palestine.  

The   future for graduates is very good because health management and economics sciences are now an essential component in any health system or market, as well as all health professions and faculties of health-related sciences such as nursing and medicine. Furthermore, graduates of the program will be very suited as researchers in health economics and management research. Graduates may also pursue their studies and obtain a PhD in health economics, management and/or policy, which will open new opportunities for them. Many of the students who do such programs are leaders and managers in the health sector, independent practitioners and evaluators, consultants or working in the health and insurance markets. Graduates of such program have also progressed to careers in international agencies such as the World Health Organization and the World Bank. Graduates of this program are qualified to perform technical and managerial tasks and assume professional roles in:

- Managerial and administrative performance in the health system.

- Quality management and control in health service provision.

- Economic evaluation and cost-effectiveness studies to choose among best alternatives of health technologies.

- Health insurance markets and health financing policies and options.

- Equity analysis and financial protection indicators formulation in health care services provision.

- Research methodology and statistical and economic analyses for different health care market industries.

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