Hebron University - Master of Contract & Real Estate laws

College of Graduate Studies


The College of Law and Political Science of Hebron University has been accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research for the Master of Contract and Real Estate Laws program, where student admission begins in the Academic Year (2024/2025).

This program, which is regarded as the first in the field, fits within Hebron University's long-term strategy and complements the aims and objectives of the College of Law and Political Science. The overall and specific goals of the program become evident from this perspective. Providing the human rights sector with complete training and competency is one of the specialized programs that includes the certification and training of specialists in real estate and contract laws.

The program aims to prepare graduates capable of developing the issues related to competence within the scope of contract and real estate laws and providing them with theoretical, critical, and practical knowledge. Along with promoting scientific research, this program aims to establish critical and analytical understanding in the legal domains of contracts and real estate. It also links these disciplines critically to their many contexts.

The program's significance stems from the fact that it is the first of its kind in Palestinian institutions, where it will significantly expand the topics of study and expertise in the legal sciences.

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