Hebron University - Master of Contract & Real Estate laws

College of Graduate Studies

Mission & Objectives

Program Message:

This program reflects the community's general need and the legal professionals' specific need for specialized legal studies related to real property issues in Palestine. This is due to the threats imposed by the occupation on Palestinian land and properties. Additionally, it aims to achieve stability in legal centers among various components of society regarding their property ownership and contractual relationships; both civil and commercial.

Program Objectives:

  • Prepare and qualify specialists in the field of contracts and real property laws to enrich the legal field with specialized competencies.
  • Promote critical thinking, analysis, comparative legal research in the field of contracts and real property through conferences, seminars, and workshops to enhance students' abilities to deal with legal aspects in practice.
  • Adopt modern educational methods to deliver information to students, including moot courts, legal debates, and working in college-affiliated legal clinics.
  • Enable students to conduct research, innovate, think critically, and analyze, enhancing their abilities to follow legal research methods.
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