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The Master's Program in Child Neuropsychology and Developmental Disorders is considered the first program of its kind in Palestinian universities.The program is based on modern cognitive foundations in neuropsychology aimed at bridging the gap between theory and practice in working with various developmental disorders, such as: mental disabilities, learning disorders, autism spectrum, and other disorders. The program also aims to prepare professional competencies capable of scientific research and knowledge production in this new field at the national level.

This program aims to qualify students who work in rehabilitation institutions, and are graduates of the departments of psychology and health sciences.It also seeks to provide them with a set of theoretical knowledge and practical skills that allow them to work with children with developmental disorders, for the purposes of evaluation, diagnosis and intervention, which would contribute to the development of psychological services provided to this group in Palestine . The program,which is prepared in an integrated manner,  includes 36 credit hours divided into 10 courses (20 theoretical hours and 10 practical hours), along with 6 credit hours for a master's thesis.


Child neuropsychology is one of the relatively recent specializations in the field of psychology. This explains the absence of academic programs, and the scarcity of specialists qualified in diagnosing, evaluating, and treating neurodevelopmental disorders in Palestine and the Arab world.

This program, the first of its kind in Palestine, has been designed in response to the Palestinian community's need and as a result of collaboration between a team of specialists from Arab and European universities. The significance of the program lies in the establishment of a neuropsychology laboratory equipped with reliable assessment and diagnostic tools, and an educational studio that aims to integrate technology into the learning and teaching process. These facilities would help train specialists in this field and provide them with the opportunity to communicate with specialists and interested people throughout the world. The program constitutes a theoretical and practical addition in dealing with a number of common developmental disorders.

Target Groups

This program targets providers of psychological services for children with developmental disorders in Palestine. This includes the following specializations:

The First Level: Graduates of psychology departments, including various psychological specializations.

The Second Level: Graduates of related specializations, such as social work, special education, occupational therapy, and nursing. Applicants with such theoretical backgrounds must have practical experience and take certain remedial courses for the program.

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