Hebron University - Child Neuropsychology & Neurodevelopmental Disorders

College of Graduate Studies

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, graduates are expected to have:

  • Scientific knowledge in understanding and interpreting developmental disorders.
  • Practical skills in employing psychological and neurological measures and applying them in the evaluation and diagnosis of developmental disorders.
  • The ability to create intervention and prevention models for developmental disorders.
  • Positive values and attitudes towards children with developmental disorders.
  • Scientific research skills in the field of neuropsychology with children and adolescents.

To obtain a Master's degree in Child Neuropsychology and Developmental Disorders, students must fulfill all program requirements according to approved academic standards, namely:

  • Completion of 36 credit hours including the Master's thesis.
  • Passing all compulsory, elective and remedial courses with a score of (C/70%) at least.
  • Successful completion of the Master's thesis.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of (C+/ 75%).
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