Hebron University - Child Neuropsychology & Neurodevelopmental Disorders

College of Graduate Studies

Mission & Objectives


The program seeks to contribute to the establishment of a neuropsychology specialty in Palestine, by qualifying specialists in this new field, filling the need for this field of knowledge in Palestinian society, and providing students with theoretical and applied scientific knowledge that enables them to work with children with developmental disorders, and develop psychological services provided to this group in Palestine. The program also strives, by employing specialized laboratories, to develop scientific research and standardize psychological tests to suit the Palestinian and Arab contexts.


  • Provide students with scientific knowledge about various developmental disorders.
  • Rehabilitation and training of students on initial examination, diagnosis and evaluation, and therapeutic intervention with children with developmental disorders.
  • Developing students' skills in applying and standardizing tests in specialized laboratories established in both universities.
  • Formation of positive attitudes towards children with developmental disorders.
  • Raising awareness of preventive techniques for some developmental disorders and caring for the affected children.
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