Hebron University - Applied Statistics

College of Graduate Studies


In light of the huge data revolution that the world is witnessing in this era, and the great importance of this data for countries and societies, and the importance of having specialists who are proficient in dealing with this data, analyzing and translating it in an effective manner that serves the desired purposes. Applied statistics and statistical data analysis has become one of the most important area in the world. Hebron University has paid much attention to serving the local community to build a knowledge economy, invest in individuals, focus on modern information, and go towards modern specializations that keep up with the rapid developments of the world, serve the labor market and fulfill its requirements in line with scientific research.

Target Category

The program mainly targets graduates of science, engineering and computer faculties. Other students from other disciplines (their majors are not in the field of science) can be accepted especially those concerned with statistical data and methods of processing it, this, of course, can be done after studying each case separately and determining the remedial courses necessary for the admission to the program if necessary.

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