Hebron University - Finance Department

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The Finance department directs and oversees the University's day-to-day financial operations, as well as human resources and facility management functions, providing quality services to students, parents, faculty, staff, and partner organizations in support of the University's mission.

The department provides the following services:

  • A modern financial management information system
  • Management accounting and planning advice and support
  • Preparation of statutory financial statements, returns and grant and other claims
  • Exchequer services, including cash, debt collection and accounts payable functions
  • Risk management with support from the Risk Management Team
  • Insurances
  • Endowments and Investments
  • Full Economic Costing Service


Head of finance, Ms Samia Imam

Tel +9702 2220995 ext. 146



Our Auditor:

The Arabic Institution for Auditing and Registration

Our Banks:  

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