Hebron University - Our mission and objectives

Our Mission 

The College of Education aims to motivate students and provide them with excellent methods in the field of education in order to raise their competencies through scientific research that would make a positive difference to life in Palestine.  We are dedicated to enhancing the value system and concepts of citizenship and social responsibility and building a community of leaders and educators.


Our Objectives 

  • The College aims to meet the needs of the Palestinian community of highly qualified and trained graduates in the field of education,
  • Conducting scientific studies and research related to educational and psychological fields that serve the objectives of the local community,
  • Activating and developing communication and continuation with the local community and Arabic and international academic institutions,
  • Activating and developing communication and continuation with the local community through projects and seminars,
  • Developing the content and form of the study plans in accordance with the rapid and constant development in this era,
  • Providing students with positive attitudes toward psychological and educational knowledge concerning marginalized groups especially those with special needs,
  • Providing students with the educational and psychological skills that enable them to succeed.
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