Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 16, Issue 2, 2021 - National Constants in the Textbooks of Social Studies for the High Elementary Stage in Palestine in the Light of Political Adjustment

Hebron University Research Journal


The study aimed to determine the national constants that should be  included in the high elementary stage social studies textbooks in Palestine, and then to check the availability of these constants in the textbooks mentioned. To achieve this goal, the researcher used the method of content analysis. The sample of the study consisted of five textbooks. The study showed that the Palestinian national constants are repeated (323) in the targeted textbooks, and Self-determination constant came in the first place with a percentage of (45.52%) , while the prisoners issue came in the last place among the national constants with a percentage of (4.95%) . The study showed that the ninth grade textbook came in the first place among the five textbooks with a percentage of (%30), while the sixth grade textbook came in  the last place with a percentage of (%15.17) The study recommended that the social studies textbook should include the issues of the right of return and Palestinian prisoners much more in order to enhance their role in ensuring these two constants. It also recommended that the sixth grade textbook should  include  these national constants.

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