Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 16, Issue 2, 2021 - The degree of using alternative assessment strategies and tools by the practical education supervisors in Al-Aqsa University from their point of view

Hebron University Research Journal


The study aimed at identifying the degree of using alternative assessment strategies of the practical education supervisiors in Al Aqsa University from thier pointview and to determine whether there are statistically significant differences within the average estimates of the sample members attributed to variables (gender, qualification, years of service). The study was based on the descriptive/ analytical approach. The sample consisted of (68) male and female superviseors, who were asked to fill in a questionnaire consisting of (66) items distributed on (6) axes. The study found that the degree of using alternative assessment strategies is medium with mean of (2.16). The results also showed no statistically significant differences between the average estimates of sample members attributed to (gender, years of service) variables. But showed the existence of differences of statistical significance due to the variable of scientific qualification in favor of supervisors who hold a bachelor's degree. The study recommended the necessity of preparing a guide for practical education supervisors that includes a complete description of alternative assessment strategies and tools.

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