Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 16, Issue 1, 2021 - The Level of Mindfulness Among Bilingual and Monolingual Students: A Comparative Study

Hebron University Research Journal



The present study aimed to determine the level of mindfulness for both bilingual and monolingual students, and to examine the significant differences in the level of mindfulness, attributed to the variables of language, sex, and the interaction between them. To achieve the aim of the study, two schools were selected randomly, one from bilingual schools, and the other one from monolingual schools of Jerusalem area. The sample consisted of (80) male and female students, (40) were students from the twelfth grade of bilingual schools, half male, and half female. And (40) students from the twelfth grade from single-language schools; half male and half female. To achieve aim of the study, the descriptive approach was used, and the five faces of Mindfulness Scale (Baer et al., 2006) was applied, after translating and verifying it’s validity and reliability. Results showed that the mindfulness level of Bilingual students was “mean”, and that the "Observation" dimension comes in the first rank, with "high level"; while the "Non-Judgment" came in the last rank, at a “mean" level. Results also indicated that the level of mindfulness of monolinguals was "mean" and that "observation" dimension comes first with first with "mean" level, while the "Non- Judgment" came last at a "mean" level. The study also revealed significant differences in Mindfulness due to language, in favor of bilingual students. Whereas, results, indicated no significant differences in all dimensions of Mindfulness, due to the language, except for the "Observation" and "Description" dimensions, in favor of bilinguals. Results also revealed no significant differences in all dimensions of Mindfulness, except, the "Observation'' dimension, due to sex, in favor of females.  Results also showed no significant differences due to the interaction between language and sex in all dimensions of Mindfulness.

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