Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 15, Issue 1, 2020 - Ratio of classroom verbal interaction "Flanders System" of math student teacher and its relation to their teaching performance

Hebron University Research Journal



The research aims at investigating the ratio of classroom verbal interaction of  Math  student teachers based on Flanders’ System and its relation to their teaching performance as perceived by Palestinian students. A sample of  153 male and female students was randomly selected as  cluster sample in addition to a sample from their teachers (21). Flanders’s observation matrix and teaching performance rating scale were used to collect data. Results showed that the level of teaching performance was high, while the teacher’s speech rate (74%) came higher than the Flanders’ ratio. Results also showed that  the student’s speech rate was (27%) and  that is within the Flanders’ ratio. The rate of silence and chaos (22%) is higher than Flanders’ ratio. It was also found that there were no statistically significant differences due  to gender with a positive correlation between the rates of verbal class interaction and teaching performance among teachers. The author concluded the paper with  a set of recommendations.

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