Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 14, Issue 2, 2019 - The national values in the poetry of Mahmoud Mufleh

Hebron University Research Journal

ISBN: 2074-1810
N°: 0
Year: 2019
Link: Link The national values in the poetry of Mahmoud Mufleh



Poetry is a life translator, the pulse of the heart, reflections of reality, self-revealing detector, and detecting thoughts through it. Through its words, animated pictures with their colors, is drawn patterns and inventions. Poetry displays the scenes of life as it senses in front of the recipients, sneaks into their intents and steal their hearts. The Palestinian poet of expatriation (Mahmoud Mufleh) was able to stimulate the sentiments, to give brightness to the darkness, and to take his recipient into reality, portraying the struggle of his people, his sacrifice, his belonging, his adherence and his unity, where the lens of his poems approaches the brave liberty fighters who stood in the face of an enemy despite the fragmented Arab conditions. The poet lived all of that and he was able to weave in his words and music his poems of the field and the national values that inspired him. He embodied the image of the heroic Palestinian who does not leave his right to plunder and looting, does not accept capitulation and defeat, and does not disarm himself in return for a spray of grants. This research includes those unique values that have been manifested in the works of the poet of an undiminished voice.

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