Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 14, Issue 2, 2019 - Al-Farra’s Syntactical Thoughts in “Al-Maqasid Ash-Shafiya fi Sharh Al-Kholasa Al-Kafiya” A Study in rejection and attenuation

Hebron University Research Journal



This study was based on Al-Shatibi dependence on Al-Farra’s syntactical thought to establish and build syntactical structures that help to interpret speech fully and properly and trace grammarians’ viewpoints concerning certain issues under scrutiny. The researcher investigates and identifies Al-Farra’s thoughts or views that Ash-Shatibi rejected and refused. The study shows that most of these views are mysterious; it also shows that Ash-Shatibi rejected and attenuated Al-Farra’s views and sayings intentionally; this is evident in Ash-Shatibis’ book entitled “Al-Maqasid Ash-Shafiya fi Sharh Al-Kholasa Al-Kafiya” (The Healing Intentions in Interpreting the Adequate Conclusion).

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