Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 14, Issue 2, 2019 - The unique composition in the names of Quranic surahs: Their rhetorical secrets and their intent-based (maqasid) miracles

Hebron University Research Journal



This study aims to examine the phenomenon of semantic mastery in selecting major names of the Quran surahs within the grammatical structure and its suitability for meaning and context. The researcher studied  the names of the Surah in the terms that the linguistic root are not to be repeated on any verbal forms in terms of substance and form, and not repeated in another context that is similar to its own context. In order to achieve this goal, the researcher applies the linguistic, analytical, descriptive and inductive approach, highlighting the semantic coherence. Then, he justifies the selection of the names of the Surahs and their linguistic and semantic secrets, disclosing their significance to the Surah. The study includes two sections: Surat At-taghabun and Surat Quraish, and each section contains five research demands. The first requirement is the unique significance of the lexicon. The second requirement is the general context of the Surah. The third requirement is in terms of the name of the Surah according to its subject. The fourth requirement is in terms of the unique name for the chapter. The fifth requirement is to signify the unique purpose of the Surah. The study concludes that the Quranic structure specifically needed the unique Surah name and not another one to complete the proper construction of the aesthetic value of the Holy Quranic text. It also reflects the semantic consistency within the grammatical structure and suitability of meaning and context. The study proves the outstanding role of Quranic unique selection of its lexicon to achieve the targeted purposes. The study recommends further analyzing the phenomenon of semantic coherence in the Quranic lexicons on other aspects of the Holy Quran.

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